Kill The Concept is an independent project, a blog where i can expose a little of my life and my work, where i can be connected and interacting with people who like me are passionate and influenced by fashion, photography and arts in general.

Addressing the physical aspects and behavior of people and places around the world is simply fascinating, the idea of exposing everything that makes you happy, what makes you expressing something of way stronger is challenging, yet reward.

When you have so much to talk, to show and see and learn also, motivates us to put it all out, show the world their ideas and ideals.
What fascinates you, surprising and scares you, may be inside you.


I hate concepts, bad concepts, eg, the male clothing,  i was always led to question certain rules, among peoples, religions and cultures.

I do not understand why people have such a need to limit and oppress others, on issues that sometimes it is meaningless, and worse is to see that some people accept without knowing why,taking their lives condemned to oppression, and prejudices,  sowing hatred through violence, failing to live their lives,  to be judging others.

These concepts, bad concepts need to be eliminated, annihilated.
Therefore: Kill The Concept!